Core values

Core values

    1. Firm Faith in the Almighty

    The success of Bethlahem is its immovable faith in the Almighty as “Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, and the conviction of things not seen”.

    2. Value – based Education / Learning

    A Bethlahemian strongly believes in value centered learning as the mere degree alone doesn’t bring considerable changes in society.

    3. Social Harmony

    Bethlahemians aim at transforming knowledge into social harmony to create a Peaceful Nation.

    4. Creativity

    Creativity decides one’s identity and so we aim at identifying the latent talents of each and every individual to mould them as creative technocrats.

    5. Honesty in all Endeavours

    Honesty is the Best Policy. Bethlahemians believe that one who is honest will never go unrewarded.

    6. Service to Humanity

    Service to Humanity is service to God. We urge to serve the society as it is a divine opportunity to serve the Almighty.

    7. Interpersonal Relationship

    Bethlahemians maintain interpersonal skills in order to keep the momentum of healthy social relationship.

    8. Excellence

    Bethlahemians are continuously encouraged to exhibit their excellence in all endeavors.