Science and Humanities

About the Department

The Department of Science and Humanities of BIoE intends to create a love for acquiring higher traits of learning in the minds of budding technocrats. The department of S&H includes sub-departments viz. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. Each year the Department offers the Students Induction program (SIP) to the freshers to enrich their cognitive skills. The department encourages all students by providing intellectual platforms such as guest lectures, seminars and workshops to exhibit their latent talents. Apart from this, they are also motivated to participate in various on-campus and off-campus competitions.

The Department comprises of eminent and well-experienced faculty members who are known for their commitment in effective teaching learning process. There are several PhD holders in the department and a few are pursuing their Research program.

The state-of-the-art classrooms and well-equipped laboratories offers a conducive environment for the learners to inculcate the scientific skills related to engineering and technology. The English language lab of the department plays a vital role in fostering the language and communication skills among the learners.

To enhance the communication skills, mathematical knowledge and develop a sense of scientific temper in order to produce socially committed technocrats.