NSS Activities

"Drug Awareness" Program

In collaboration with NSS, Bethlahem Institute of Engineering held a "Drug Awareness" event. The institute ran a campaign under NSS to raise awareness about drugs. As the main speaker, Mr. Sathish from the Wisdom Foundation was invited to raise awareness of the harmful effects of drug and alcohol use in a thorough way. In his inspirational address, Mr. Sathish revealed that drug usage leads to ten suicides in India per day. Additionally, he mentioned that a central government survey showed that the great majority of young people are exposed to drug and alcohol prevention messages through media including radio, TV, posters, and pamphlets, as well as through movie commercials and similar campaigns. Also, the report's particular research revealed that those who have encountered these kinds of communications are much less prone to take drugs.

Career guidance on Enhancing Employability Skills Training

Bethlahem Institute of Engineering organized a “Drug Awareness” in association with NSS. Ms.Sugirtha ,Operations head ,Feathers Software was the resource person. She has highlighted the present need of corporate talent and skills which can help the students in equipping themselves with the ability required to compete in the profession. This lecture covered all the points required for the student to increase his/her moral and develop its skill so that he/she can tackle obstacles during their career.

“HIV/AIDS Prevention and blood safety

On 01th December 2023, Bethlahem Institute of Engineering successfully completed the event of Quiz Competition on the topic of “HIV/AIDS prevention and blood safety under the National Service Scheme in seminar hall. The Quiz Competition on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Blood Safety was an enlightening and engaging event, delving into crucial aspects of health awareness. Participants showcased a commendable grasp of the topic, highlighting preventive measures against HIV/AIDS transmission and emphasizing the significance of blood safety.